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Swimming Lessons

It’s a sad fact that less and less people are able to swim. However, swimming skills can be a life saver in case of emergencies. FLOW is a chance for us to offer swimming lessons for children and adults, free of charge, during the summer.

Swimming courses take place either on Monday or Sunday morning, for adults at 11h00 and for children at 11h45. Each lesson consists of 4 courses. The lessons are given by experienced teachers with a lifeguard formation.


Currently all lessons are fully booked. We plan to offer more lessons next summer.

Group swimming

Organisations and groups can come for a swim in the mornings, from Tuesday to Friday. Special arrangements will be made between groups and FLOW, the swimmers will be supervised by lifeguards.


Currently all slots for groups are fully booked. However, send us an email to flow@flow.brussels to share your interest in a group session and we will see if we can still find a way to welcome you at FLOW.

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