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Etat des Lieux #1: AFLOAT by nadine


Etat des Lieux #1: AFLOAT by nadine

Sep 30, 2023
14:00 - 16:00 (canal) & 16:00 – 20:00 (FLOW)

nadine teams up with POOL IS COOL to organise an experimental event around SOUND AND WATER.

BURATINAS & NGHE take the public into an overall sound experience in and around the pool and the canal.

Buratinas is a small solar-powered boat that functions as a short-term residency space for artists. During the weekend, the boat will be occupied by NGHE Médiathèque. NGHE will sail along the canal and broadcasts cassette tapes, improvised music and accapella chants. The boat will lead the public the center of Brussels center to FLOW, creating spontaneous sonic events.

In his sound practice, Christian Hansen (209.dk) always sees a given landscape or scenery as an infrastructure. He then enters an interface to play, decode or activate it. Often, he experiments with musical interfaces, or specially built tools that work best at a given site. Christian will install his ‘floating keyboards’ as an ongoing performance in the pool.

The collective performances of Francesca Chiacchio (ILPALINSESTO) are initiated by colour codes. Geometry is often used for communication with participants. Currently, she is doing research on geometry as a versatile tool for movement and interaction, always adapting to a specific place. At FLOW, she will experiment with ‘drawing’ from geometry to imagine a score and a game. She will do a try out of the choreography with swimmers in the pool.  

Sylvain Brillault (no limit graphics) & Guillaume Ribault set up an upcycling/silkscreen atelier. They will specially design Buratinas typographic patterns that can be freely applied to your garments.


14:00-16:00 NGHE & Buratinas take the public along the canal from Comte de Flandre to FLOW

16:00-19:00 (ongoing) silkscreen atelier by Ribault & Brillault @ FLOW

16:00 installation floating keyboards by Christian Hansen @ FLOW
17:00 performance/game by Francesca Chiacchio @ FLOW
18:00 concert by Christian Hansen @ FLOW
19:00 concert by NGHE & Juliette @ FLOW