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The schedule in September is different from the summer:

● FLOW is open for everyone on Wednesdays and in the weekends.

Morning swimming on Wednesday already from 8:00 until 10:00 and on Sunday from 9:00 until 11:00

AQUAGYM continues on Wednesday evening + an additional lesson on Sunday at 11:00. AQUAGYM can be booked in advance already now!

● One time slot reserved for women on Saturday morning at 11:00

● Enjoy drinks and sun at our KIOSK.

● Would you like to come with a group as an organisation or school? Send a mail to groups@flow.brussels

We currently envision to stay open until Sunday 24/09, but the plans might change according to weather and other circumstances. So better check before your visit here or on our social media channels .

▶︎ Book your swim or activity on the reservation page, click here!

FLOW, the only public outdoor pool in Brussels!

Do you want to be able to splash around in the water on a hot summer day in Brussels? Would you like to get your swimsuit and spend the day in the water with your friends when the weather is nice? Are you looking for a safe place where you can swim with your family in the fresh air without spending hours on the road? FLOW makes it possible!

▶︎ Read more about this summer season 2023 on the website of POOL IS COOL!

With its dimensions of 17 x 7 m, the outdoor pool on the canal in Anderlecht offers the opportunity to swim properly. On the sun decks you can warm up after swimming, enjoy the atmosphere around the pool and get a cool drink from our kiosk. The swimming pool is open in the afternoon for everyone. You can book a time slot from 3 days in advance at the pool (free of charge) or here on flow.brussels. Prior reservation is necessary to guarantee a pleasant and safe experience for all swimmers. Booking for our free swimming classes from 15th of June onwards. Click here for all information about your swim at FLOW! If you have special needs, do not hesitate and get in touch with us via email.

FLOW is also much more than that! We have a full program with yoga, qi gong, and aquagym classes, morning swim, women* swimming slots and a varied program of music and art performances. You can experience this while swimming and in the evening.

And there is much more to experience around FLOW. Follow Petite Eiland for more information and take a look at Circle Park! Follow us on FacebookInstagram or our POOL IS COOL Website for reviews, photos and impressions.

FLOW is a small pool, but a big step towards revitalizing the outdoor pool in Brussels.

Upcoming events

Upcoming activities

From July: group swimming, swimming lessons, yoga and other activities. More info soon.

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