Forro Dance Pool Party 21 08 Flow


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Aug 21, 2022
from 16:30

FORRO DANCE by the pool

Forro is a folk music, originated in North East Brasil, with warm and lively rythms... and a generous and joyful couple dance.

You don't dance Forro yet ?

Initiations will be organised to learn a few basic steps. No need to bring a partner, there is always someone to invite you to the dancefloor.

Whether you come alone or with friends, Forro is open to everyone !


FORRO DANCE 16:30 > 22:00

FORRO SWIM 16:30 > 20:00

FORRO FRIST STEPS 17:30 & 19:00

Bring comfortable shoes to dance. It is not recommended to dance bare foot at FLOW.

See here for more info.

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