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Jul 30, 2023
16:30 – 22:00

Welcome to the second edition FORRO OPEN AIR POOL DANCE !

FLOW is delighted to host the Forro dance community ! But whether you already dance Forro or not, it is worth the detour. FORRO is a folk music, originated in North East Brasil, with warm and lively rythms... and a generous and joyful couple dance.

You want to try Forro ?
Initiations will be organised to learn a few basic steps. No need to bring a partner, there is always someone to invite you to the dancefloor. Whether you come alone or with friends, Forro is open to everyone.

FORRO > 22:00

FORRO SWIM one slot available 16:30 > 19:00

FORRO FRIST STEPS 17:30 & 19:00
Bring comfortable shoes to dance. It is not recommended to dance barefoot.

FREE access to the dance and pool surroundings. If you want to dip in the pool, you will need to book a slot!

You need to be fast as it has great success ! A slot is 45 min. How does it work ? Basically, each slot opens 24h beforehand for booking. So if you want to swim at 5:30pm on the 16th, be ready to book online (or on the spot) a little before 5:30pm 24hours before, thus on Saturday the 15th. Booking fee is 3 euro online, free at FLOW.